Sony HMZ-T1 Personal 3D Viewer, Don’t Leave Your Door Open!

You don’t have to turn off the light or having an expensive free-glasses 3D TV to get a great 3D experience. By mounting Sony HMZ-T1, the world’s first personal 3D viewer, onto your head, you have all excitement of the watching of 3D or 2D movie at cinema.

Through two 0.7-inch HD OLED panels, the gadget sends a real 750-inch theatre virtual image to your left and right eyes from 20 meters virtual distance.  According to Sony, the HD (1280 x 720) OLED panel ensures the images result will come in less blurring and cross talk. In other words, it boasts clear, natural images.  Plus, you also receive a 5.1 virtual surround sound system as well as 45 degree viewing angle.

However, don’t leave your door open when you are using the HMZ-T1. Your eyes and ears are only sensing the situation in your movie or games. So, you are totally cut-off from the outside world. Even the amateur thief will easily take anything from your room without you even realize.

Sony HMZ-T1 personal 3D viewer is going to bang United State market in November 2011 in MSRP $799. Please don’t forget to close your door! [Dandy Gadget Source]