Sony New Standard Definition Camcorders, Ultra Zoom With Direct Copy!

Still haven’t satisfied with your camcorder’s zoom, try this new Sony Standard Definition camcorders, DCR-SR21E and DCR-SX21E. Both camcorders offer a fantastic zoom more than what you think before. Through a 57x optical zoom Sony lens, the camcorders deliver 67x extended zoom and 1800x digital zoom with a really-really small degradation (you don’t even realize it). Yes, you can say “Woow”.

Plus, the new camcorders allow you to directly copy the content to external storage without touching your PC or laptop as well as you also can upload the video instantly to your favorite social networks such as FaceBook or twitter, share yours to the worlds.

You don’t need to worry about the quality of your recording. The handycams are coming with a 2.25mm(1/8 Type) CCD image sensor, a 2.7-inch clear photo LCD display, Image Stabilization,  Face Detection, a built-in video light, and stereo audio system with built-in zoom mic. If you need a large space of storage, the DCR-SR21E is a smart choice compared to DCR-SX21E, because DCR-SR21E has a built-in 80GB HDD storage.

Fashioned in 124(D) x 65(H) x 59(W)mm with two standard color: black and white, Sony DCR-SR21E and DCR-SX21E camcorders are expected to hit market in middle of September 2011. There is no official announcement about their price. You need to wait a little bit for that. [Dandy Gadget Source]