Sony S2 Gaming Tablet PC

Since the new Sony S2 tablet PC has dual 5.5-inch 1024×480 resolution touchscreen LCD displays, it’s not hard to conclude that the tablet is quite perfect for gaming activities. Moreover, like S1, the tablet also brings Android 3.0 OS and dual NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor.

For gaming, Sony S2 tablet PC uses its bottom screen as the gamepad and the top one is showing your game images. It’s a new experience for your gaming taste. If you are OK with virtual gamepad, the gadget is giving you more satisfaction than the Xperia Play while playing your games (presumed that the virtual gamepad is having as fast as real gamepad’s response).

Meanwhile the dual screens helps you also for a better texting. Yes, you can function one of the screen to display the virtual keyboard. As the size is compact enough to fill your pocket, you can edit your office documents at anywhere without having trouble to hand the gadget.

In addition, Sony S2 tablet PC features WiFi, Bluetooth, WAN (3G/4G), and DLNA. You have wide range option to surf the net with fast browsing and watch the content on the large screen TV as well. If the gadget can play well in smartphone field, this is the most innovative tablet, I have ever seen. Hence, we don’t need to buy a gaming console, smartphone, tablet and netbook partly. You get all those on this gadget. It’s dandy.

Dressed in silver black color with unique curved design, Sony S2 table PC is expected to hit market in fall 2011. There is no official announcement about the price. What? You’re asking me about its price? I think $899 is a fair price. [Dandy Gadget Source]