Sony SRS-A3 15 Degree Tilted Design 2-Channel Speakers

Compact,5W maximum output, 2-channel, easy to carry with HD digital amplifier, new Sony SRS-A3 is the right speakers for you who looking for an inexpensive external speakers for your desktop, laptop or MP3 player (at least more powerfull than your built-in laptop speakers).

Sony tilted the way of this new speakers face to 15 degree up. Perhaps, the idea is the speakers can find the shortest way to your ears to reduce the distortion that could be happen during the process of sound transfering. Assumed that the gadget is placed on the desk (not above the desk).

For controling, the volume or ON/OFF buttons is placed in one of its cabinet which is containing the headphone jack output at front.

No information about its price nor when it will be available. But, I guess Sony will put its SRS-A3 for around 35 euros. Just ask her! Maybe her smile will tell you something, right? [Dandy Gadget Source]