Sony DR-310DP Super-Light PC Headset

This Dandy Gadget: Sony unveiled a new super-light PC headset which is only having 60g weight and designed in a comfortable design with nice looking color variations. With only green, white, pink, and blue color options, to me is closer to girly thing. I assumed that this gadget suits perfectly for ladies.

With discreetly concealed in-line microphone embedded, this new headset is ideal for your chatting, gaming or listening to your favorite songs and movies from your laptop or PC in clear quality sound from its the precision 30mm ferrite driver.
Sony DR-310DP headset is expected to hit market in April 2010. But I must tell you, I don’t receive any information about its price and also the name of the girl in the picture above. I hope someone tell me her name. [Dandy Gadget Source]