SWITCH Lighting LED Light Bulbs Goes on Batteries Plus Stores

Is there a Batteries Plus store near you? If you want to save your energy bills, you should go there. SWITCH Lighting’s LED light bulbs, the world’s most anticipated LED light bulbs, will be there soon. You need to switch all light bulbs of yours with this one.

Using an advanced LQD Cooling System and an innovative blend of proprietary technologies, the SWITCH LED Bulbs work efficiently and last a long time with high quality light, 80% less energy and 25 times longer than an incandescent light bulb. Thus, according to company, you can save up to an average of $150 over the lifetime of each bulb.

More, it also comes with a modern-brilliant design that looks good in any orientation and fully compatible with any dimmers. So, it can blend beautifully to your house interior and exterior, to any rooms even without a cover as well as you can control the power of light to suit your mood through a dimmer.

The release date and pricing
SWITCH LED light bulbs is going to hit stores in four models: SWITCH100, SWITCH75, SWITCH60 and SWITCH40. The SWITCH60 is already available for purchase at Batteries Plus Stores, meanwhile for other models will be there in this month. Sorry, I don’t have any clue on their pricing. Did i mention CES 2012 Innovations Honoree and 50 Best Inventions of 2011?