The Biggest 3D FULL LED TVs From LG — LG LZ9700 TV [CES 2011]

Some people don’t satisfy with a compact or normal size in a thing. Well, if you are also belong to that category. The  LG LW7700 or LW9500 are not enough to cover your passion need on watching your 2D or 3D contents .  For that, LG is also going to display a bigger 3D screen TV at CES 2011, LG LZ9700. The company claimed that its latest 3D FULL LED TV with 72-inch size (59-inches wide and 40-inches high) is the the biggest 3D FULL LED TV in the world.

As always, LG will be announced about the detail of LZ9700 at CES 2011. We will provide you with that information when the time comes. For now just wait and read our other news in CES 2011.