The Funniest Ways in Which Burglars Have Been Caught

If you don’t have a great deal of home security in place then you run the risk of burglars breaking in and stealing your possessions. This is a pretty horrible thing to happen to anyone and can cause mental scars for years to come, which is why it is such a good idea to put some security measures in place before it is too late. Of course, it would be great if all thieves were as easily caught as these ones anyway.

  • The Getaway Car That Didn’t Get Away Very Far. A burglar in Louisiana set off the alarm in the home he was breaking into and police rushed to the scene to apprehend him. It might have turned into a gripping tale of a high speed chase through the streets of Tangiphoa had it not been for one thing; the getaway car ran out of fuel near the property. Police officers found him stranded beside his vehicle and arrested him. Clearly the burglar alarm helped immensely in getting the police out quickly to look for him. Otherwise, he might have had time to walk to the filling station, buy some fuel, walk back to his car with it, re-fuel the vehicle and make a not too speed getaway.
  • The Facebook Photo. Meanwhile, in Washington DC a criminal found an even sillier way to give the police a helping hand. He went into the robbery victim’s Facebook account and posted a photo of himself with money he had just stolen in his hand. Hmm, maybe this wasn’t the smartest thing he could have done. The difference between this story and the first one is that there is no mention in the report of a burglar alarm being set off, which meant that the intruder appears to have entered the house completely undetected and was only caught through his own stupidity. By using a reliable alarm such as one from ADT you can make the thief think twice about entering and also raise the alarm right away.
  • Bad Parking and Facebook Again. It seems as though social media sites could be a new weapon in the fight against crime. In this case the action took place in Belgium and involved a stolen car. The student whose Dad car had been stolen entered into her account one day and noticed that a friend had sent her a photo of a badly parked car. It turned out to be the vehicle which had been stolen when thieves had broken into their property. The happy ending got even happier when the owner noticed that the thieves had even vacuumed the interior in the meantime.
  • The Obvious Tattoo. Breaking into a car which has had cameras set up inside it was the first mistake a thief called Aaron Evans made. Actually, it was his second mistake. We need to go back in time to the day he got a tattoo with his surname and date of birth on it to find his first mistake. We don’t want to go giving out advice to criminals here but it is safe to say that having a big tattoo on your neck with personal details on it isn’t the best move when you are doing something you shouldn’t be doing in front of a camera.