The Future of Mobile Broadband

We all know what a great asset the mobile Internet has become and with all sorts of users, from casual surfers through to dedicated online aficionados who need to stay connected both for work and social reasons. Thanks to a wealth of deals and offers that have become available from mobile broadband providers, this access has become a lot more affordable than it used to be too, so now it’s possible to stay connected without breaking the bank.

What happens next
Of course, the only potential downside to mobile broadband at present is the fact that it can still be a little bit temperamental, which is largely down to the network infrastructure that is gradually being improved but often causes headaches for heavier users. And there is also the issue of patchy coverage or interruptions due to heavy network traffic. However, these problems are only intermittent and services are improving all the time.

But when it comes to the future then things look decidedly brighter. In fact, there is now already a device that is making mobile broadband all the more appealing and that comes in the shape of the MiFi. This is a small plastic device that is similar in style to a mobile broadband dongle and also has quite a lot in common with the wireless routers that many of us have in our homes.

The big difference with the MiFi though is that it allows you to share your mobile broadband connectivity with up to five other users. It does this by receiving the mobile signal as per your regular contract and then, as long as you authorise them to gain access, enables others to tap into the available supply. That means quick and easy mobile Internet just as long as there is sufficient access.

The way forward
While this is undoubtedly a great innovation, account holders have to be mindful that the data allowance is duly divided up between the multiple users and that means you need to keep tabs on how much content they download. Otherwise, you could find that you eat up your data allowance much more quickly than you might have expected and end up incurring additional network charges.

Nevertheless, the advent of the MiFi is already changing the many of us use the mobile broadband connectivity that we have such easy access to. If you’ve got family, friends or work colleagues that need to get online, in a variety of locations, then this makes a great solution that, if it’s used responsibly, can still be highly cost effective.

Faster and faster
If you take this user-friendliness aspect of the mobile broadband network and then combine that with the steadily improving networks then it looks increasingly likely that, in the not too distant future, we’ll all be making much more use of these products and services. Better still, thanks to speedier networks that are coming our way, we could soon be looking at using our mobile broadband connectivity for downloading much more content than we used to. And that is when things will start to really get very interesting indeed.

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