The King of Rock’n’Roll, Elvis Aaron Presley on iPhone and iPod Touch

This Dandy Gadget: Have been several decades, Elvis Presly, the king of Rock’n’Roll died, left this beautiful earth, maybe gone to haven, who know. After his final performance in Indianapolis at the Market Square Arena, Fans wishes to see him again somehow. Instead some of them still believe Elvis Presley or Elvis Aaron Presley will come again to this world, alive, deeper fans. It’s natural because in his hand the Rock’n’Roll music met its glorious era.

Now, his charisma still auras the world. Are you belonging to deeper fans group? You won’t regret to believe that the king still alive in this world. Where? you can find him in your iPhone and iPod touch. See what ever you want to know about him such as video, clip song, and others.

Elvis Aaron Presly Application is introduced by Graceland company. Featuring an “Elvis Sightings” section, an “image” section, a “Video” section, a “News” section, and a “Livecam” section. Thanks to a “Podcast” section, allows you to listen to the Graceland Beat from Elvis Radio. The application is totally free. [Dandy Gadget Source]