Kung fu Panda Part 2, the Movie Continou!

This Dandy Gadget: The Kung fu Panda part 2 is coming. The adventure of Kung Fu Panda continues. I have been waiting this Kung Fu Panda Part 2 for so long. Now, I am glad when I saw the image on the web. Dammed, Finally I will watch this funny movie.

Hopefully, this movie will more sensational than Kung Fu Panda Part 1. We know that Kung Fu Panda Part 1 is an Academy Award and Golden Globe nominated and 11 time Annie award winning 2008 American animated comedy blockbuster. And also grossing $20.3 million on its opening day and $60.2 million on its opening weekend, resulting in the number one position at the box office.

Now, we just wait when Kung Fu Panda Part 2 will be released.  the image from newscom.com