The Latest Axel Fuugo Version Will be at CES 2011

Demonstrated at MWC 2010 in last February 2010, now Axel will continue their Fuugo campaign at CES 2011. ATV and video application, Fuugo runs on Windows, Linux, OSX, iOS and Android for your portable device such as: laptop, notebook, smartphone, tablet, iPhone, and others.

At CES 2011, Axel will introduced Fuugo in latest version that can run on Symbian, and Meego, or (could be on Chrome OS and Jolicloud as well, it is an unconfirmed information).

There are three available option products: Fuugo Regular, Fuugo Boosted, and Fuugo Nitro. Sadly, Axel said the Fuugo is still in beta testing, so it not for sale directly to you. See at CES 2011 for your self. [Dandy Gadget Source]