New Sony HSC-300 HD Studio Camera

This Dandy Gadget: Designed to offer extremely high-quality SD and HD images as well as versatility without any compromise in quality, Sony USA unveiled its latest new High-definition studio camera, HSC-300 HD Studio Camera, which uses Sony’s digital triax transmission technology to providing you with a seamless and and cost-effective transition to digital transmission and ultimately to HD in your HD broadcast and video production.

In addition, the HSC-300 features a 2/3-inch Power HAD FX CCD with 2.2 million pixels and compatible with Sony’s exiting large lens. More, it can be used with triax cable runs of up to 1,300m and a range of automatic features designed to minimize the adjustments necessary during production. Thanks to consistent with Sony’s HDC 1500 series camera, so you can share your HDC 1500 series camera’s accesories with HSC-300.

Sony HSC-300 HD studio camera is expected to hit market in May at MSRP $69,900. Hey, I want to make a movie??[Dandy Gadget Source]