New Sony RHT-G Series is More than Just Stylish TV Stand

This Dandy Gadget: They are friends of your Sony Bravia TV. For you wanting the heightened home cinema viewing experience without the visible speakers or cabling, the new Sony RHT-G series are the ideal solution. Coming with Multi-channel home cinema audio system with S-Master digital amplification, 3 HDMI inputs and BRAVIA Sync for single remote, one-touch easy operation, a premium gloss black finish, and integrated FM/AM radio tuner, you can feel it, they are more than just stylish TV stand.

The new Sony RHT-G Series is available in 3 models–RHT-G950, RHT-G550, and RHT-G1550. Sony RHT-G950 and RHT-G1550 are embedded with 5.1 channel speaker, while Sony RHT-G550 only contains 3.1 channel speaker. The Sony RHT-G550 completes the range, and is intended for use with 32-40” screens. The Sony RHT-G950 is designed for 40-46” TVs, while the Sony RHT-G1550 is the perfect match for larger 46-55” sets.

With new Sony RHT-Series you can connect your DVD or Blu-ray Disc players, PLAYSTATION 3, a Walkman, PC, mobile phone and iPod. But you need to wait if you want one of this gadget, Sony RHT-G950 and RHT-G1550 will be available in store in May, and the Sony RHT-G550 in July. [Dandy Gadget Source]