Samsung N110 Mini Notebook With Long Life Battery

This Dandy Gadget: Samsung unveiled Samsung N110 mini notebook, which is Compacted in 10.27×1.19×7.3-inch, 2.78lbs, along with Samsung N120. In that size,  you able to stowed this new netbook in briefcase or travel bag. In most specs, the Samsung N110 is similar with Samsung N120 mini notebook, because the speakers are not in display, the dimension is smaller than N120.

In addition, with $469, you only get 93% full-size keyboard, and speakers without a subwoofer. I rather to choose a Samsung N120 than N110, because it’s $10 cheaper, the wider of screen display and design is not a big problem for me, how about you?? Both of Samsung N110 and N120 feature a long 6-cell (5200mAh) lithium life battery that you can push up to 6 hours of continuous use, dandy right?

So, which one is yours? Samsung N110 or N120, make a decision!!!! [Dandy Gadget Source]