The Weirdest Printers You Will Ever See

Most of us now have a printer at home, sitting next to the PC waiting to get switched on These are usually sensible looking devices which let you slip in a sheet and paper and, hey presto, get it out the other end with stuff printed on it.

Aren’t all printers like this? Ah, if only life were so simple. Creative and frankly mad people all over the world have spent endless hours coming up with weird printers such as the following ones.

The Toast Printer
Have you ever had the feeling that the human race is missing out on possible uses for toasted bread? Someone else thought like this and decided to do something about it. The toast printer was created by the Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories and it is really very simple. You slip a piece of toast into it and write something on it. One word of warning here, though; no matter how pieces of toast you put into your conventional home printer you won’t be able to do this. You will just end up hungry and frustrated and with a very messy desk.

The Graffiti Writer
Technically this model could be called a printer, although it looks nothing like the ones we use at home and in the office. It is used to spray graffiti and is basically a robot which get programmed and then sent off to deface buildings and generally be a nuisance. It has already been used to spray graffiti on the US Capitol Building.

The Egg Printer
Back to more gentle pursuits now. The idea of sitting and lovingly hand painting an Easter egg was surely the highlight of the year for many an innocent Victorian schoolchild. Well, these days if you hand an egg to a youth and ask them to paint it you will most likely be left picking yolk and pieces of shell out of your hair for days afterwards. The good news is that someone has decided that what the world needs right now is a printer which puts fancy artwork onto eggs. Nice work, you crazy genius.

The FireWriter
We can thank Lucien Langton at ECAL for the most terrifying printer in the history of the world. This one uses a Dremel torch with a mixture of butane and propane to achieve a temperature of over 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Together with a customised inkjet printer and an optical sensor this printer sears images and text onto just about any type of material. Of course, if you prefer to print your documents on paper instead of eggs or toast and don’t really want to risk burning down the neighbourhood you will probably stick to a conventional type of printer. In this case, you will be more concerned about topping it up with ink than worrying about whether your levels of combustible gas are getting low. A good way of not paying too much for your ink cartridges is to buy them online. Cheap recycled toners are always available out there – just need to find the right place to purchase it.