Three Mascots Come Alive in New AData T809 Theme Flash Drive

This Dandy Gadget: There are three mascots in new AData T809 Theme Flash drive,”Lovely smile Panda”, “white guardian angel” and “mischievous black devil”.  Specially for “lovely smile panda”, it reminds me to one of famous movie, Kungfu Panda. Yep, they look like the same to me, although panda in the movie is prettier dumb than smiley.

Genius, Adata eyes the demand of buyer where right now, the mascot theme is the trend setting. Plus, the T809 theme flash drive is a combination of aesthetic features to lovely vivid design, so that once a product of cold fermentation technology is the joy of a surprise indeed achieve scientific and technological pleasure with the perfect pop creativity.

If you are the cute USB drive collector, you will not miss this one. More, Adata T809 theme usb drive features 40.4 x 16.5 x8.7mm dimension, 7g weight, and support Windows OS, Mac, and Linux. There is no information yet about the price. [Dandy Gadget Source]