Top most iPhone Camera Apps for Better Photography Experience

iPhone from Apple Inc is one of finest and innovative gadgets that has rocked the tech world. Since its first launch to its latest version iPhone 4S, it has grabbed headlines and limelight for stunning features and apps that aptly complemented its performance. There are over 5 million active apps available for this amazing genre of smartphone. Camera apps of iPhone are extensively used by users to edit photos and add special effects, share them over social media like Flickr, Facebook and Twitter and improve performance of built-in camera. Let us have a quick look at top camera apps for iPhones.

This iPhone camera app allows you to edit your iPhotos and share them with friends. There are some exciting filters like Dreamy, Albion and Zeitgeist that you can apply on images. This app allows you to store unlimited photos in Cloud. The app lets you connect to your Twitter and Facebook accounts with single click. Consider this app for editing and storing images.

This is one of the most popular camera app of iPhone with an active user base of over 9 million all over the world. This user friendly free app is great for sharing and editing images on iPhone. The app is compatible with all generations of iPhones. The app also supports back and front camera feature of iPhone 4. Several special effects of this app like Earlybird, Sutro, 1977 Vintage can be explored to give your old images a new look. You can integrate several social networking sites like Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr and Facebook for sharing the images through this app.

This app is expected to add a new dimension to your iPhotography. You can get most out your iPhone camera with this app. It is rumored that most Apple officials use this camera app on their iPhone. This app is loaded with features for editing, sharing and adding effects to your still images as well as videos. With this app you can get max out of your camera hardware by taking over 12 snaps a second. Share your images with friends in Facebook, Flickr, etc. from the app.

Camera+ has a user base of more than 3 million and it can convert your iPhone Camera Lens into powerful lens of SLR camera. You will simply love this camera app once you have installed it in your iPhone. It lets you explore your untapped creativity by inspiring you with several sophisticated user friendly features. You can stabilize the image, use zoom and flash like pros. However, this app is not compatible with first generation iPhones. It can be used on iPhone 3GS and iPhone4 that run on iOS4.

iSwap Faces (Lite)
This is a funny camera app that lets you swap faces between two portraits. The app uses Photoshop master to do the trick and swap faces within a minute. It is a fun app that you can use to amuse your peers. You can do this trick on snapped photos or load photos from your library. Share the morphed images on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Myspace.

Check compatibility of any iPhone camera app with your device before downloading. With improvement of phone cameras and introduction of higher and sophisticated version of iOS, you can expect more exciting camera apps to hit the app market.

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