Turning Your Smartphone Become Your Kid’s Learning Device! Arbor Cube Ibuku Pets

Do you look for learning device for your kids? Do you have a Smartphone? If you said yes, it saves your time, just use your Smartphone and this Arbor Cube Ibuku Pets.

Coming with Soft PVC, BPA, and phthalate-free foam materials, the Ibuku Pets brings an absolute protection to your Smartphone. More, you don’t need a complex installation, just encase your Smartphone into this pet, in a second you will have cute learning devices for your kids. Your kids will surely love their cute design: elephant, panda, and so on.

With the possibility to download many fun and education apps, when the night comes you do not have to telling stories to help your kids sleep. He will love to touch its Ibuku Pets and hug it until he slept.  In addition, this cute toy also comes with optional wireless battery.

Unfortunately, for right now it seems these cute pets only work perfectly with iPhone and iPod Touch. You can pre-order these Arbor Cube Ibuku Pets at AITF 2012 and are going to be shipped in spring 2012. Sorry, the pricing is not yet announced officially.

Source: Arbor Cube