Volkswagen New Polo BlueMotion Car is Available Now For Order

This Dandy Gadget: Adopted an advanced 1.2-litre TDI three-cylinder common rail diesel engine mixed with longer gearing in its five-speed manual gearbox,Volkswagen is rolling its new Polo BlueMotion to UK market which has sleek exterior and interior with high comfort level for its driver such as air conditioning, cruise control, leather steering wheel fitted and a large of safety features.

Volkswagen claimed that new Polo BlueMotion car emits just 91 g/km of CO2 meanwhile returning 80.7 mpg. With only on tank of diesel you can push it to company you on the road for 800 miles. No doubt at all, this new car is the most efficient in Polo family. As repay, this car has a low acceleration: from standstill to 62 mph need 13.9 seconds and on top speed of 107 mph.

Volkswagen New Polo Blue Motion car is available now for order in UK market in two model: three-door (for 14,445 pound on the road) and five-door model(for 15,045 pound on the road). It should be mentioned that the price is also depending on the choosing interior accessories. But you should wait until May if you want to drive this car, because Volkswagen said the first cars of new Polo BlueMotion expected to be release in May. [Dandy Gadget Source]