White Color Version for 2012? JBL Jembe Computer Speakers

Coming with unique-stylish JBL Weave design like traditional music instrument, this new Harman Kardon computer speaker, JBL Jembe, lines perfectly with your other ornaments on your desk. With compact size, it does not need a lot of space also, so you don’t need to throw away your other things from your desk.

In addition, this new speaker system packs a built-in power amplifier with slipstream port technologies for booming your computer sound to your ears smoothly with great acoustic performance as you hear the sound from the studio sessions.  If you are someone who love to taste your music alone, through a 3.5 mm jack you could connect the speakers to your headphones.

Fashioned in 106(W) x 106(D) x 135(H) mm and 930g weigh in black metal grille finish, Harman Kardon JBL Jembe computer speakers is available now at US market in MSRP $59.95 and is expected to hit Japanese market in December 2011. Meanwhile the white color version is going to be available in Q1 2012. I love white more than black! [Dandy Gadget Source]