Yamaha 2011 Grand Majesty YP400G Scooter, New Color!

Black gun metal color! I love it. Yamaha announced a new color, black gun metal, to its 2011 Grand Majesty YP400G scooter. I don’t hate the white color, but the new color is having more stylish and luxury looking, agree?

Powered by 400cc four-stroke liquid-cooled engine with F1, this new Yamaha scooter offers 23KW/7250RPM maximum output. With Fuel injection and 14L full tank capacity, the scooter is an ideal motorbike for your short and long trip. Never get stuck in the traffic jam, right?

Fashioned in 2,230 mm × 780mm × 1,380 mm and 221kg, this new 2011 YP400G scooter is available now in Japanese market for 735,000 yen or around $9,000 in two colors : white, and black gun metal. [Dandy Gadget Source]