Your Babysitter! Jawbone UP Fitness Bracelet

Life itself is so complicated. I don’t need to make more complicated by tracking any of my act, just to measure my fitness. When I’m thirsty – I drink, when I’m hungry- I eat, when I’m sleepy – I sleep, just that. Oh, you mean our body contains a complicated metabolism that rules our healthiness, so we must keep on track on that rules. Otherwise, our life is more complicated than we wished. Well, if you say so, perhaps this new Jawbone bracelet, UP, could help you.

This new fitness-tracking device babysitter your life to the UP level. It tracks every your move and act and suggest you when you should take a nap, when you should wake up, how many steps you should take, what kind of food you should eat. Tracking, counting, and alert are the job of this babysitter, based on its MotionX engine. If you are person who love being controlled by a device, this gadget will absolutely accompany you for 24/7, all day-night, even in your shower time. Man, you live like a robot, sorry.

Packed in cute-fashionable design with three sizes option: large, small, and medium, Jawbone UP fitness bracelet is available now for Americans and going to worldwide in late of this year. As note, you need to install Jawbone app on your iPhone or iPad or iPod Touch to get this device working and $99 for buying it as well. [Dandy Gadget Source]