Combi Baby Label digital ear thermometer, let’s examine temperature as early as possible!

I have a little kid, one year old kid. A little advice from me, “don’t panic when your little baby is having unusual temperature” (it’s hard to convince myself about this). The first we should do is examine the temperature correctly before deciding it’s a fever or it’s still in normal stage. So, we need an accurate tool to measure it. According to Combi, you can count on their new Baby Label digital ear thermometer about the matter.

Coming with small insertion with 5.9mm, this digital ear thermometer is fit to baby‘s ears even to newborn baby. It means the baby will not be disturbed at all while it’s used in their sleeping time. More, it can give a quick data of an accurate temperature by reading the responded signal from the eardrum in a second after you pushed the button and display it on a mini LED-backlight screen as well as store up to 25 recorded data.

Combi-Baby-Label-digital-ear-thermometer-sensorThe release date and pricing
Dressed in cute design with bright yellow color in 38(W) x 120(H) x 40(D)mm dimension, Combi Baby Label digital ear thermometer is going to hit Japanese market in the end of this month in around $54.99. Unfortunately, like always, I didn’t have any clue whether this gadget will come to US market. Did I mention soft head cover and cute package?