Fitbit Flex, 2013 Best Fitness Tracker?

Well, it’s not an easy job to judge which one 2013 best fitness tracker is. There are a lot of wonderful fitness trackers will come to the market in the next couple of months. If you ask me, this Fitbit Flex and Misfit Shine are my nominator.

We have discussed about Misfit Shine, a fitness tracker with all metal case in so compact design that offering simplicity and magic operation without Bluetooth and wires to be connected to your smart devices.  So, what is the arsenal of this gadget? Its main tracker is so compact and so cute that can be inserted to its wristband case. With lovely color option of the slim and stylish wristband case – Slate, Black, Teal and Tangerine, you have wide option to choose which one suits most your style as well as keeping the tracker always be with you day and night. At glance, it’s like the Jawbone UP, right?

Other advantage, its sensors tracks not only your steps and burned calories, your sleep also is on its monitoring. The silent wake alarm is there for keening your quality of sleep, so you are always ready and fit to face your daily activities.

Although, it doesn’t have magic operation like what Misfit Shine does, the Bluetooth connection is able you to connect this gadget to your smart devices wirelessly to see your fitness stats nicely.

Fitbit-flex-fitness-tracker-side-elegant-black-dandy-gadget-healthcare-gadgetsThe release date and pricing
Fitbit Flex fitness tracker was showed at CES 2013 and is going to hit market in this spring for MSRP $99.99. So, which one is the best of 2013 fitness tracker, Misfit Shine or Fitbit Flex? Sharing what you thought by commenting!