Omron HR-500U Heart Rate Monitor [CES 2013]

What is the most valuable thing in our life? Yes, you are right, we must keep our health always on keen. Being a rich-man or popular guy in your society means nothing if you are in state of illness, right? Ok, that is, we need to do something to achieve that goal. One of the measurement that we can use is the heart rate. So, it means we must control our sleep and workout to maintain our heart rate in normal state that it used to be.

How do we monitor it? Here is the latest Omron heart rate monitor, HR-500U, can help you to display your heart rate data continuously and easily. You just need to wrist this new gadget on your hand, just like a wristwatch (it can be used also as a wristwatch). The Optic sensor will do work to scan your blood movement beat-to-beat that coming in and out capillaries for giving you an accurate data of your heart rate on a color LCD screen. When your heart rate is too low or too high than it should to be, the HR-500U alerts you about the state, so you can prepare a quickest action to maintain it.  And it also can track your pace, distance and burned calories of your work out.

Furthermore, the HR-500U can store up to 10 hours workout, and share it with your friends or family through Omron portal by connecting it to your PC or smartphone via USB port.

The release date and pricing
Fashioned in sleek-elegant design with black color finish, Omron HR-500U heart rate monitor wristband is available now for pre-ordering at MSRP $149.99. It seem it will be shipped in the beginning of January 2013. See this thing at CES 2013! Did I mention waterproof ability and washable straps?