Your True High-End Wireless Loudspeakers! Dynaudio XEO Wireless Active Loudspeakers

The point of the wireless devices is removing the headache of cabling as well as giving faster installation. On contrary, at some cases the wireless devices are hard to deliver quality as good as the wire devices. However, you will not find that problem in new Dynaudio XEO wireless loudspeakers, XEO 3 bookshelf monitor and XEO 5 floor active loudspeakers.

Both speakers are designed according to 30 years experience of Dynaudio, mixing the highest-precision machines for the drive units and skilled master carpenter for the cabinet for delivering the most accurate, pure, clear quality sound from 27mm soft dome tweeter and 14.5 cm woofer drivers. Both tweeter and woofer have 50W output power.

As plug-n-play wireless devices, you do not need to do unnecessary setting to make these speakers talk to your ears. Just connect any digital or analog sound sources – Smartphone, tablet, PC or other, to the XEO transmitter and the main speakers to power source, the absolute quality sound will be yours. Interestingly, the transmitter can support files up to 24 bit/48 kHz with up to 100 meters range.

Dynaudio Xeo 3 bookshelf monitor is compacted in 170(W) x 271(H) x 246(L) mm with 6.4kg and the Xeo 5 floor loudspeaker comes with 170(W) x 922(H) x 260(L) mm and 16.7kg. Both speakers are going to hit market in March 2012 in two colors option: white piano lacquer and black piano lacquer for MSRP $1,950/pair (Xeo 3 with remote control) and MSRP $4,150/pair (Xeo 5 with remote control).  Meanwhile, the Xeo transmitter costs you for MSRP $350/each. Are they your true high end wireless speakers? [Dandy Gadget Source]