Zinga’s Game in the Real World! Hasbro Words With Friends Game

Google doesn’t like fake contents and links. Facebook really hates fake ‘Like’. I, myself, don’t like fake pleasure. So, that is why I don’t really all-out to fresh my mind by playing online game on my laptop. Without face-to-face with my friends or opponents in the game, even it’s a famous online game such as Zinga’s games, it’s still a fake pleasure to me.

I love Zinga Words With Friends game, thanks god, Hasbro brings this board game to the real world. Face to face, sitting near beautiful ladies, see her smiles, while thinking about a perfect word with a cup of coffee in front of me is what I really want while playing a game, it’s a real pleasure.

I don’t need to explain the way of the game, right? You just have to create a word from previous words or cross the star for starting on board.

The release date and pricing
Hasbro Words With Friends game is available now in three versions: Classic (MSRP $19.99), Luxe Edition (MSRP $39.99), and To go (MSRP $14.99). Do I need to tell you it’s a game for 13 years up? I really hate fake smiles, don’t you?