ZVOX Will Expose Z-Base 550 All-in-One Home Theater Sound System

This Dandy Gadget: Z-Base 550, a  complete home theater system built conveniently into a base platform for stand-mounted flat-panel TV sets will exposed by ZVOX at CES 2009 which is reproducing music and movie soundtracks with lifelike accuracy.

The Z-Base 550 is highly design in hand-lacquered high-gloss black end panels, and the top of the Z-Base 550 is finished in rugged, scratch-resistant black vinyl that is less likely to be marred by objects such as the your HDTV placed on its surface.

In addition, it features (5) 2″ full-range speakers and (1) 5.25″ subwoofer, phaseCue virtual surround sound, auto-on/auto-off circuit, remote control included, 2 Analog stereo inputs (mixing inputs), 60 watts power, 28″w x 14.5″d x 3.5″h dimension and easy installation.

Zvox Z-Base 550 home theater sound system costs your for MSRP $499.99.