16GB Fat-White-Sexy PMP Walking into Japanese Market, iRiver P8

Yes, iRiver P8 is a fat PMP. But, she is still a sexy PMP in my eyes. With white smooth skin, it makes everyone even me want to touch it, right? And when it comes to show, her wide 5-inch 800 x 400 touchscreen LCD will serve you great-top images on big screen as well as clear sound from SRS surround system with easy-fun navigation.

Bringing a 16GB built-in storage, iRiver P8 allows you to store up to around 3,840 songs. Days and night, in full charge battery condition, you could push her to sing for you up to 50 hours continuous music. And most of all, she can work with most of video, audio, image file formats. At the time you are bored, want to listen a radio, the gadget have prepared for you. Plus, it also could be operated as digital pocket note, to store your every notes of important meeting.

Plus, the gadget features USB port, and HDMI port. So, when a 5-inch screen is not enough for you, you just connect the device to your notebook or other USB-enable devices via USB port or simply connect it to your big screen TV through HDMI. Either which way is your choosing, she will play your movie in 1080p full HD resolution playback.

Like I mentioned at title, iRiver P8 PMP is walking into Japanese market now in MSRP 16,800 yen or around $220. She’s now at pre-order state, she will come to your home at the end of September, September 30 211. Are you ready to welcome her? And when I asked her about U.S market, she was quiet, not even a single word was coming from her lips. Did I tell about microSD card slot? [Dandy Gadget Source]