2012 Oakley Airwave Ski Goggle, Don’t Keep Looking!

Oakley, one of top sunglasses manufactures, offers an interesting goggle for your skiing and snowboarding, Airwave, that comes with GPS, Bluetooth and a built-in mini display technology. In short, this new goggle is not only protecting your eyes while on show, it also gives you useful information on its mini display such as altitude of your current location, temperature, map and so on.

On par with remote control wristband, you can access the menu and change the information on mini display accordingly as well as connect it to your smartphone through Android or iOS app. Nonetheless, this mini display that has quality as good as viewing on 14-inch monitor from five feet away will help to know more detail around and give a signal to your brain to do quick action while on skiing or snowboarding, but, don’t keep looking on it! It will break your concentration for sure, and it could lead to bad end story.

The release date and pricing
Fashioned in black and white model with vary lens option, 2012 Oakley Airwave Ski Google is going to hit store tomorrow in MSRP $529. Did I mention SwitchLock technology and Outrigger strap system?