3M MD6000 Mobile ID Reader — Validate Multiple ID

Equipped 5 capture modes: optical character recognition (OCR), three-track magnetic stripes, contactless RF chips and contact chips, as well as an optical, single fingerprint capture device, 3M proudly introduced its latest handheld reader device at the CARTES & IDentification even in Paris which is designed in compact size and sleek looking.

The five data capture modes feature is making the 3M MD6000 to be a cost-effective and versatile tool for use in the field, due its capability to validate multiple types of IDs at a scene in simple way. You just need to put the object to the reader then the reader captures the data and send it via Bluetooth wirelessly to your portable processing platform such as laptop, iPad, and Smartphone.

Comersially 3M will launch its MD6000 to the market in early 2011 with no pricing information yet. [Dandy Gadget Source]