4 Techniques For Mastering Auto Dealer Live Chat

Auto dealer live chat has quickly become a must-have tool for any modern car dealer that wants to improve their web presence. Fully supported, 24/7 live chat is the key to reaching your customers online, and features like Facebook Messenger integration and SMS integration help you expand your reach to platforms with even better open rates. But simply installing auto dealer live chat is only the beginning; here are 4 techniques that will help you make the most of it.

#1 Active Auto Dealer Live Chat
Don’t leave your customers waiting around, as many people who wind up happy with their auto dealer live chat results won’t actually initiate the conversation. A better auto dealer live chat technique is to use software to track IP address activity, alerting operators when someone becomes a repeat visitor. It often means they are seriously considering the product and may need to be approached. The operator will open with an invitation to chat, answer questions, or just be available.

#2 Video and Link Previews
Video sells; over live chat, you want to implement as much video and link previews as possible. The operators behind your auto dealer live chat technology should make extensive use of videos of your inventory and link previews that provide more data and images of your vehicles. Your prospects will be far more likely to click and check out the product.

#3 Combine Managed Chat with Dealer Live Chat
It’s a common debate on auto dealer live chat blogs: managed chat vs. in-house dealer live chat. A managed chat is fully supported 24/7 by the live chat company, with operators in call centers answering questions and booking test drives. An in-house dealer chat is staffed in-house, typically can’t be live 24/7, and generally more difficult to keep up to consumer expectations (for example, most customers get impatient after waiting more than 10 seconds for an answer. Great auto dealer live chat technology combines the best of both worlds, such as the ResQ app from the company Gubagoo. This taps your sales team directly into the live chat, so that while the service is fully managed by independent operators, your sales team is available to provide a deeper level of information.

#4 Make Auto Dealer Live Chat Personal
The goal of your website is twofold: the first and primary objective is advertising to prospective customers who increasingly flock to websites for bigger purchases, including cars. Anything you can do to make it easier for customers to shop online, from answering questions through auto dealer live chat to booking test drives, makes them happier. However, your second objective should be learning as much as you can about your prospects. B.E.A.S.T., a behavioral intelligence system incorporated into the Gubagoo auto dealer live chat, is designed to help you capture more information. This goes way beyond Google Analytics by identifying the visitor’s IP address and tracking which products the visitor views, how long they spend on a page, and how many times they return to a site. It shows you and the auto dealer live chat operator which products in your inventory the prospect really wants – which isn’t always the product they ask about. Once you have that information, you can provide better product recommendations.

Auto dealer live chat is a powerful tool to help you connect with customers online, but any old live chat is not enough. These four techniques and the technology that makes them possible are sure to deliver better results from your auto dealer live chat investment.