A Black Magic Box for Your Galaxy Tab! iLuv ArtStation Pro iSM524 Speaker Dock

Debuted a week ago, this iLuv speaker dock, ArtStation Pro iSM524, has a duty to transform your Galaxy Tab to be a part of your home entertainment center.

I don’t want to argue about its design. For some of us, it might be just a box, right? However, this black box sounds your Galaxy Tab to every corner of your room through its 2-way Hi-Fi stereo speaker system with jAura Sound Technology clearly and loudly.

Moreover, the “Art-station” does not mean for nothing. When you stationed your Galaxy Tab into the dock, the rotatable arm will show you the art ways for giving a perfect viewing whether in landscape or portrait. Plus, you could remotely control the sound from your bed.

It’s a useful accessories for your Galaxy Tab, but if you have doubts to what I said, you better to take a close look to this ArtStation Pro iSM524 speaker dock at CES 2012. Anyway, you need to pull out your $169.99 to hand this gadget. [Dandy Gadget Source]