A Fun Protection Toy! Wild Planet Spy Gear Alarm Pad [AITF 2012]

Don’t put any luxury things on this Alarm Pad! Yeap, it’s a protection device, but it’s a toy also. the Spy Gear Alarm Pad is not solely made to tightly secure any devices. It’s just a toy to learning your kids how to value his valuable devices as well as making him cheers.

It doesn’t have a special hidden place. Your kid only need to place his devices on the surface of pad. The pad has wide open area for keeping more than two devices, such as cell phone, gaming console. And when anyone pick up any devices from the pad, the movement sensor will trigger the infrared beam and alarm sound to be activated. Does it reduce the risk of losing? Well, at least it gives a unique shock to the picker, right? Importantly, it funs your kids.

Do you think your kids need this? You have to do a long waiting for this one. Wild Planet Spy Gear Alarm Pad is expected to hit market in Fall 2012 in MSRP $14.99 – 19.99. Happy waiting!