Blue Orange Engenius Smart Toys – AITF 2013

Smart things are moving to take its crown to the trending – smart devices, smart management, smart …. So, if you want your kids belong and able to adapt to the smart world, you must smart your kids from very beginning of their ages. For 4 years and up kids, this upcoming smart toys of Blue Orange, Engenius, will guide the brain of your kids to speedy the development of their cognitive, motor skills and creations.

Each parts of this contraction toys, are made from quality wood and painted finely with bright colors. To stimulate more your kid’s creation, the company doesn’t include step by step instruction, inbox there is only sheet of models that can be achieved.

As it’s Engenius – Engineering Genius, this toy is carrying engineering themes with three models: Spaceship, Helicopter and Airplane. Interestingly, your kids can build another thing by having all of them such as building a big robot.

Blue-Orange-games-Engenius-smart-toys-three-models-dandy-gadget-toysThe release date and pricing
Blue Orange Engenius smart toys is going to debut at AITF 2013. The availability and the price tag are not yet announced by the company. But, likely it will be available at stores soon. Hey, I want to make a truck! Perhaps, it can be constructed in future models.