Looking Valentine gift for your kids? New YBIKE GLXs 3 wheeled scooter [AITF 2013]

Scooter as a Valentine gift? Well, I’m not sure it’s a right thing, but, as it’s for your kids as long as it gives your kids funs, I think it’s not a wrong move also, right? If you agreed with me, these YBike GLX 3 wheeled scooters could be added to your top buying list for this Valentine.

The GLXs is coming with cute design and easy to be played, inherit the DNA of the popular and award winning Glider 3. To present a better and funnier 3 wheeled scooters, the company has redesigned the Glider 3 with new wheels, new grip, new black anodized and new colors. Thus, it surely will create a better zone of cheers for your kids either playing with his playmates or alone.

There are two models of this GLXs – GLX and GLX Pro. The GLX (image above) is designed for your 3 to 5 ages kids, while GLX Pro (image below) is able to be played by your 5 ages kids to up, probably you can also enjoy the pleasure of 3 wheeled scooter as it comes with a strong riding deck that can afford up to 110 lbs and an adjustable handle bar.

YBike-GLX-Pro-3-wheeled-scooterThe release date and pricing
YBIKE GLXs 3 wheeled scooter is showing their performance now at AITF 2013. Unfortunately, there is no information when it will come to you, however, the company has revealed their price tag – $79 for GLX and $99 for GLX Pro. Is a scooter really right as a Valentine gift?