A Spaceship to Fly Your Sound Recording to Next Level! Olympus LS-100 Multi-Track Linear PCM Recorder

If you are asking me about what I love on Olympus linear PCM recorder, here is my answer: my dumb mind is too small to inspect the full specs, but my eyes are clear enough to see the beauty on the design.  Like other LS series such LS-20, I love the looking of this Olympus LS-100 metal body. It looks like a spaceship in fiction movie, right?

As I said on title, the LS-100 is a multi-track recorder, providing eight-track recording that you can set each of them with a different volume and adjustment according to your need and mixed down later. With dual XLR/Phone combo jacks, adjustable directional stereo microphones with 90 degree angle, on board limiter and compressor, those make this recorder could handle every your sound recording up to 140dBspl sound pressure level in top quality of 96kHz/24bit Linear PCM uncompressed sound to fly you to the next level of recording experience.

Regarding to its main specs, this new Olympus recorder features a 2.0-inch backlight LCD, a 4GB internal storage, a memory card slot, USB/mini USB port, and other interesting features such: Voice Sync, Pre-Record buffer, Metronome, tuner, and lissajous functions.

Fashioned in 159 x 70 x 35.5mm and 280g, Olympus LS-100 Multi-track Linear PCM recorder is going to hit market in February 2012 in MSRP 449 Euro or around $590, including a premium case inbox. Probably, this one will be displayed at CES 2012. Just wait and see [Dandy Gadget Source]