Abbee Commercial-Free FM Radio is Coming to CES 2009

This Dandy Gadget: Do You just want to hear your favorite songs at radio without ads commercials or DJ talks? I am sure, you will say yes. Except the DJ is your girl friend or boy friend. Don’t worry about that, There is a new product from Myine, Abbe Commercial-Free FM Radio and you will see soon at CES 2009.

The Commercial-Free FM Radio is not just automatically removes DJs or ads commercials. But also, no need computer or subscriptions, it is an eyes to eyes between you and your favorite songs. Very simple, that makes this thing a dandy gadget.

This new gadget can record your favorite songs from FM Station to Music Lock portable. Music Lock portable player features 500 song capacity, 12 hour built-in rechargeable battery, skip, pause, fast forward, and rewind, automatically refreshes new songs, and one button to save and delete songs.

The price set at suggested retail US$249.99 and is scheduled to release for a spring 2009. [Dandy Gadget Source]