Amazon Kindle 2 ebook Reader Available For Pre-order

This Dandy Gadget: For you who need large of articles source, this Amazon Kindle 2 is very suit. You don’t need to bring such ‘aaha aha’ papers, magazines or books. Believe me, you will be in trouble collecting all of your books or papers manually. Using Amazon Kindle 2, the words world will be in your hands. you just need to push this and that.

This new gadget has a thickness of 25% less than iPhone, 203.2×134,6×9,1 mm and 283.5 g weight. The device features a 6-inch display made of electronic ink technology, with a resolution 600×800 pixels resolution, and 2GB memory. Also worth noting support for EV-DO standard and the Speech Synthesizer – an electronic voice that can express your book.

Amazon Kindle 2 is available in Amazon for pre-order at $359 and will be released on February 24, 2009. [Dandy Gadget Source]