Amosu Brings Back the Amazon Kindle Alive in 24ct Gold version

Maybe some of you thought that Amazon Kindle, or eBook reader golden era is over. The tablet PC comes, and slowly we forgot and acted like the eBook reader never existed. Yes, it could be right, its golden era is over, but the gold plating is starting to begin. Amosu Couture proudly brings alive the Amazon Kindle  in 24ct gold matte finish.

Do we really need a kindle in this time of tablet PC already spread around? I don’t know. It’s a subjective judgement. But if you ask the question to Amazon, the answer is surely “yes, we do”. Anyway, the Amosu gives you an option to choose either yellow, white or rose gold 24ct finish.

Moreover, you could also having Swarovski diamonds on the Kindle as much as you wish and personalised and engraved with your name or your logo or your girl friend name as well. Don’t ever think that those are free charge!

At standard setting, the Amosu 24ct Gold Kindle is set at £1199. As to be mentioned, the Amazon Kindle features WiFi and 3G support. Did I say you can also request a customised carry case? [Dandy Gadget Source]