Barnes & Noble “The Simple Touch Reader” New Wi-Fi NOOK, Strong Battery!

Perhaps, the most worrying when we carry a mobile gadget is how long the battery can stay alive. Is ten hours or one day battery life an ideal? Well, if you say yes, the Barnes & Noble gives you more than that on its new NOOK eReader, 2 months (Wi-Fi off)!

As a simple touch reader, the B&N new Nook offers simple operation to adjust your comfortable reading way. You just need to touch this and that on a 6-inch sunlight-readable e-ink pearl touchscreen display to modify the font, the layout, the content and even to share your emotion about what you read on your FaceBook or Twitter social network. What do you think compared to Amazon Kindle?

In addition, the new NOOK features a 2GB built-in memory, Wi-Fi, and USB interfaces. Hence, you can store up to 1,000 books, and share the content to your computer. And thanks to the microSD card slot, it enables you to expand your memory size up to 32GB.

Fashioned in 6.5(H)x5.0(W)x0.47(D)inch, the Barnes & Noble new Wi-Fi NOOK is expected to hit US market in June 10 2011 in $139, and it’s already available now for pre-order. Did you know the story about the Samsung E6 ereader at Barnes & Noble?[Dandy Gadget Source]