Basis B1 Band Heart Rate and Health Tracker, Am I Alright?

Am I alright? Well, if you are asking about that, you need to ask your physician. But hold on a minute! You don’t need to do it, Basis B1 band serves you everything you need to know every details about your health status.

The gadget features sensors, at back case, that could track your heart rate, caloric burn, and temperature in the real time with web-based personal dashboad as well. Plus, it has smart-cute design which fit your wrist like you wear a wristwatch. Indeed, it’s a right daily gadget to keep your wellness in your monitor. In the case, your personal B1 Band dashboard says something abnormal heart rate or other weird status; you need to call your physician this time.

Basis B1 band is expected to hit market later this year in MSRP $199 in three colors: black, white, and red. Did I mention you can connect the device to your laptop through USB port? Are you alright? [Dandy Gadget Source]