LumiSource Boomchair VX2 Gaming Chair [CES 2009]

This Dandy Gadget: LumiSource,Inc. will line up new Boomchair series, one of them is Boomchair VX2 which has sleek ergonomic design and comfortable headrest at CES 2009, Las Vegas.

For gamers, one of important thing is to have a comfortable position in playing games. Because, it is not a minute, or an hour to play games but more and tiredness is a problem. Boomchair VX2 features  fully adjustment headrest,  adjustable recline stopper, folds in half for convenient storage, and built in handle for easy portability could reduce the tiredness.

In addition, this gaming chair comes with a pair of 3″ 2-way speakers, powerful 4″ Subwoofer, fully adjustable volume, fully adjustable bass/treble, RCA input/output ports, and headphones jack.

Fashioned in 26(L) x 17(W) x 36(H)-inch, LumiSource Boomchair VX2 gaming chair is going to hit market in $79.99. See you at CES 2009.