Casio PCP-2000 Digital Photo Printer, Wide Touch LCD Monitor!

Through Casio PCP-2000 digital photo printer you could easily print your postcard and photo. Simply by touch its 8-inch LCD monitor, you able to manipulate your photo by adding an effect or just put handwriting or note “I love u darling, forever you” at any surface of your photo as well as from the keyboard.

Compared to its predecessor PCP-1400, Casio said the PCP-2000 printer is having 3x wider resolution screen with 800 x 600 pixels. Not only that, on the screen you can display 12 pages at once. It helps you to easily choose the right photo to be printed. Plus, the printer also offers huge built-in templates such: 192 postcards design.

In addition, Canon PCP-2000 digital photo printer features a built-in storage, memory card slot, built-in dictionary including the postal code. It boasts a faster speed, only around 50 seconds to print one L size photo. As note, the printer only can print your photo up to 10 x 15 cm size.

Fashioned in 263(W) x 164(H) x 156.6(D) mm, 2.5 kg with cute design, Canon PCP-2000 is expected to hit Japanese market in October 13 2011. The price is still unknown. Surely if including the girl above, it’s going to have a high price, right? (her smile is expensive) [Dandy Gadget Source]