Fashionable MP4 Players with Cute HiFi Headphones, Energy Sistem Energy 2204 DJ 4GB

Coming with ruby red and violet dream colors, this new Energy Sistem MP4 players, Energy 2204 DJ 4GB, burst the spirit of colors to make alive your music, images, FM radio, E-book and videos on a 1.5-inch 65k colors TFT screen as well as dandify more your teen lifestyle.

If you don’t really care about fashion, stylish HiFi headphones, or cute design, this new MP4 player brings only 8mm thin and 25g mass, making it easier to be handed to wherever you want. Moreover, the smart browsing and ergonomic earpads will jingle your contents with fun navigation and stay comfort for long day music.

Fashioned in 76(W) x 38(H) x 8(D) mm, new Energy Sistem Energy 2204 DJ 4GB MP4 players are going to hit market next week, November 28, 2011 in MSRP 38.05 Euro or around $52. Interestingly, the package includes also neck strap, and cute carrying case. Should I tell you about USB port, and a 4GB built-in memory? Ruby red or violet dream? I want both! [Dandy Gadget Source]