Finally Samsung E6 e-Reader Has a Guts to Show Up in US

This Dandy Gadget: After Samsung announced its eReader models at CES 2010, E6 and E101, said it will be expected to hit market in Spring. Sadly, Samsung revealed yesterday for available of Samsung E6 eReader in US market. It looks like the Apple iPad distract the confident of Samsung eReader. At least finally now Samsung has a guts, right.

I guessed, the releasing of the E6 e-reader is just a bait for seeing or a measurement of Samsung eReader in market share. Will they talk much with Apple iPad along? If it does, could be Samsung will also release other models.

In addition, this new eReader features a 6-inch E-ink display with 600×800 resolution and 8-gray scale for easy readability both indoors and out, a stylus pen, handwriting capabilities, and WiFi connectivity. As Samsung Electronics Co.,Ltd has formed a partnership with Barnes & Noble, you can acces Barnes & Noble’s digital library of more than 1 million eBook, eMagazines, and eNewspaper.

One news that perhaps makes you happy, Samsung released Samsung E6 eReader for only $299.99. It’s $100 lesser than its first announcing ($399.99). With lower in monthly payment, E6 eReader could be still stand strong again Apple iPad. It should be mentioned that the E6 eReader contains a 2GB built-in memory, but you can expand up to 16GB via its MicroSD card slot. [Dandy Gadget Source]