Gavio Alchemy Aluminum Cylinder Speaker [CES 2012]

If you love Thermostat or Circa subwoofer, you will love this new Gavio speaker, Alchemy. It comes with aluminum cylinder case in compact size. Coupled by interchangeable leather jacket, its unique-compact design is more fashionable to be one of your room ornaments.

Coming with a rubber base, the vibration of 3W RMS sound with great bass from the 50mm speaker driver is stabilized and absorbed well by the base. This Gavio speaker is prepared to handle any kind of heavy bass tracks.

So, whom does this gadget love to play with? It brings microUSB, Bluetooth, microSD card slot, and a 3.5mm jack. It means it can play with your most Smartphone as well as play your microSD card’s content to your ears.

Fashioned in 60 x 60 mm cylinder with 50 mm height, Gavio Alchemy speaker is going to be showed at CES 2012 and going to be available soon, likely next year in MSRP $79. [Dandy Gadget Source]