Hulu Plus Subscription Service in Sony Dash Personal Internet Viewer

If you have a Sony Dash Personal Internet Viewer, now Sony is revealing a new service on it, Hulu Subscription Plus. The service offers you thousands of latest TV program and episode, movie, and more.

Combining with the exiting Dash platform of more than 1,000 free apps including social networking, news, weather, sports, online radio and video, you get a complete online entertainment on a portable device.

In addition, the Sony Dash features WiFi, 7-inch color touchscreen LCD, and built-in stereo speakers. On Dash, you allow to personalize your own personal application playlist, such as enjoy cooking programs while in kitchen.

Hulu Plus Subscription Service will costs you for about $9.99 per month. While Sony Dash is available for $199 in US market. [Dandy Gadget Source]