iRiver B100 Portable Player, So Nice and Sexy!

Honestly, I don’t like box-like portable player. This new iRiver portable player, B100, with round shape design is a lot better. To me, the B100’s appearance satisfies me more than the iPod touch or other box-like players. it’s so nice and sexy, right?

More, the refined round shape design talks softly when you are handing this new PMP. It also causes lesser damage, in the case you threw it to somebody’s head (you don’t need to do this).

Talking about performance, this new portable player hires the “SRS WOWHD” technology to deliver 5.1 SRS surround sound to your ear. Whether you are watching a video on a 3.1-inch TFT LCD with 320 x 480 pixels or just listening to your favorite music, the flow of the sound will be so clean and so life in your ears.

The release date and pricing
Fashioned in 62.8(W) x 99.2(H) x 9.3(D) mm and 80g with snow white finish, iRiver B100 portable player is going to hit Japanese market in April 6, 2012 for  13,800 yen or around $165.99 (8GB) and 11,800 yen or around $142.99 (4GB). There is no information yet about whether this cute PMP will come to US or not. Did I mention a microSD card slot and enable to play most of video/audio/image file format?